21 December 2010

Alpine Trilogy: The Emperor’s New Clothes – Film

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Film about climbing the route The Emperor’s New Clothes 8b+ [Des Kaisers neue Kleider].

Alpská trilogie: Císařovy nové šaty - trailer

Location: Wilder Kaiser, Austria
When: August 20 2009
Duration: 36 minutes
Ondra Benes and Guido Unterwurzacher made a repeat of the hardest route from the Alpine Trilogy which is located in Wilder Kaiser. Guido is the fourth climber who has done this route. Ondra is fifth climber who has done it and with this ascent he has completed as the third men in the world the Alpine Trilogy. The document reflects their climbing in this impressive wall, where the difficulty often goes to 8b+. Both guys comment the whole climbing process, so you will get to know a lot about this climb.

Technical details: Camcorder Canon XH A1, tripods, external microphone, jumars.

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Emperor’s New Clothes (WMV) – high [2.6GB, 1920×1080, 10Mbs]
Emperor’s New Clothes (WMV) – standard [1 GB, 1280×720, 5Mbs]
Emperor’s New Clothes (WMV) – low [500 MB, 960×540, 2Mbs]

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Emperor’s New Clothes (MP4) [2.6 GB, 1280×720, 10Mbs]

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Emperor’s New Clothes (ZIP) [2 GB, 1024×576, 8Mbs]

Online playback:
vimeo logoEmperor’s New Clothes

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