10 December 2012

Beal Petrohradské Padání 2012 – film

Documentary about 10th anniversary bouldering meeting on granite rocks in Petrohrad – Czech Republic.

Beal Petrohradské Padání 2012

Location:Petrohrad, Czech Republic
When: April 2012
Duration: 17 minutes
Description: Beal Petrohradské padání – is it bouldering competition, or just an opportunity to meet people of the same kind? We would like each participant to answer this question on his/her own. If the unique spirit of this event (happening since 2003 in the woods near Jesenice u Rakovníka) comes from every attending climber, not just from our minds, we couldn’t be more happy. It depends on you, how the next “padání” will really look like; we remain committed to make your bouldering dreams come true.
Technical details: Camcorder Canon XH A1, tripod, external microphone.
Music: Goodfellas, BB Band and Josh Woodward.

Beal Petrohradske Padani 2013 takes place from 19th to 21st April, again in the near of Sklarna Zihle.
For more info visit padani.eu

wmv logo Windows Media Video
Petrohradské Padání 2012 (WMV) FullHD [1.2 GB, 1920×1080, 10Mbs]
Petrohradské Padání 2012 (WMV) HD [610 MB, 1280×720, 5Mbs]

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Petrohradské Padání 2012 (MP4) FullHD [1.7 GB, 1920×1080, 15Mbs]
Petrohradské Padání 2012 (MP4) HD [860 MB, 1280×720, 7Mbs]

Online playback:
vimeo logo Beal Petrohradské Padání 2012

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