23 December 2015

Obrigado Amigos

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A short documentary about first ascent of czech climbers in Brazil.

Obrigado Amigos

Location: Brazil, Pancas
When: November 2014
Duration: 20 minutes
Description: A group of eager czech climbers under the leadership of Ondra Benes, head off to Brazil with the goal to accomplish the truly valued first ascent at the 600m wall, buried deep in the jungle. A planning of the first ascends in the remote and unknown terrain is obviously very diffrent from climbing local rocks.
Technical details: Olympus EPL-5, GoPro Hero3, Canon XH-A1, tripod, external microphone, wireless microphone set.

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Obrigado Amigos – FullHD [2 GB, 1920×1080, 15Mbs]
Obrigado Amigos – HD[1 GB, 1280×720, 7Mbs]

Online playback:
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